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Mental Fitness Boot Camp 

"When it comes to career success, - people with average IQ outperforms the people with High IQ  70% of the time, considering EQ."
UpLife's Mental Fitness Boot Camp is set to inspire and empower the youth of Indore like never before!

This 7-day program, planned with great care and research, offers hands-on learning experiences to help young people build stronger mental fitness.
JOIN US from 20th May (Mental Health Awareness Month) and take the first step towards a healthier and happier life.

  • In today's fast-paced world, maintaining mental well-being can be a challenge. Our drive for success is often clouded by emotional and mental hurdles.

  • Researchers have shown that our success at work or in life depends on Emotional Intelligence 80% and only 20% of intellect.

  • Example-based learning is a common and powerful instructional means to introduce learners to new content - We'll equip you with battle-tested tactics you can use IRL (In Real Life) to slay stress, laser-focus your attention, and build a mental fortress that shrugs off negativity.

  • Expert Psychologists, Not Preachers - We have experienced mental fitness ninjas leading the boot camp. They'll guide you through the program, answer your questions and offering scientifically-backed, practical tools to navigate these challenges.

  • Beyond theory experience - By understanding the interplay between mind, body, and spirit, you'll unlock a research-based approach to success that empowers you to achieve your goals with greater clarity and emotional resilience.

  • From workshops to peer support, we've built various comprehensive programs to empower youth and help them equip themselves with personalized tool-kit. 

  • UpLife has constantly provided a platform for the youth to learn from each other and make a safe space for all to thrive. 

  • The mental fitness boot camp is designed with rigorous research and various pilot projects like Peer Support (at Social, Indore and Mamagoto, Phoenix Citadel, Indore), UpLife Capsule Program (UCP), UpLife Facilitation Program (UFP), Workshops, Retreats etc. 

The outline for the Mental Fitness Bootcamp - 

  • Day 01 - 20th May 2024 - Exploring Your Inner Landscape
    Delve into how your values, beliefs, and personality traits contribute to your unique sense of self. Discuss how to enhance self concept and strive towards personal growth
    earn techniques to cultivate self-awareness and self-acceptance, so you can develop confidence and resilience.

  • Day 02 - 21st May 2024 - Emotional Intelligence:
    "TalentSmart tested emotional intelligence alongside 33 other important workplace skills, and found that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs." 
    According to Forbes, "Researches confirms that for every 1 point of increase in Emotional Intelligence - the average increase in annual salary is 1300$." 
    Explore the biological and psychological underpinnings of emotions, helping you recognize their triggers and impact.
    Learn strategies to manage strong emotions constructively and equip you with practical tools that can be used to regulate them effectively.


  • ​Day 03 - 22nd May 2024 - Psychological Hacks of Communication :
    Gain the ability to become skilled in communication as this program will equip you with both research and practical tools to revolutionize your interactions.
    Learn how to analyze body language and tailor your communication style for better synchronization with another person. 


  • Day 04 - 23rd May 2024 - Mental Hygiene and Flexibility :
    Learn to stay in the present moment and be open to experiencing whatever thoughts or feelings may arise. With psychological flexibility, you can take action that is aligned with your values and improve your overall well-being.
    Learn to access freedom by your own past conditionings and beliefs and develop a sense of excitement and exploration with a freedom mindset. 
    Small hacks to have more aligned thoughts and chatter reduction in everyday basis which will help you break out of your usual routine and bring more joy and fulfillment to your day-to-day experiences.


  • Day 05 - 24th May 2024 - Peak Performance through NLP training :
    NLP is an umbrella term with a different understanding of the same. NLP has been defined as the “users manual for your mind”. Richard Bandler and John Grinder (Founders of NLP )say, NLP is a technique to form neurological circuits.
    The Bootcamp will teach you how to activate both of our hemispheres, move into that specific trans state which will help you create new neurological pathways to achieve one of your personal goals. 


  • Day 06 - 25th May 2024 - Spiritual Intelligence
    "Spiritual intelligence is the human capacity to ask questions about the ultimate meaning of life and the integrated relationship between us and the world in which we live."
    SQ [Spiritual Quotient]= P(IQ+EQ)  {P= Presence , IQ = Intelligence Quotient, EQ = Emotional Quotient}
    It plays a crucial role in this process by helping individuals develop a greater awareness of their place in the world and their connection to others.
    This can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and meaning in life, as well as a greater sense of purpose and direction.


  • Day 07 - 26th May 2024 - A Day out with UpLife :
    Connection with nature and performing multiple activities with a shared community will offer you a powerful blend of experiences designed to nurture and increase your body vibration and leave the camp with boosted energy. 

    Learn to release emotional blockages and enhance clarity through energizing breathwork, nervous system balancing and vagus desensitization
    Adding on, Prana Vayu (Life force enhancement) would help you reconnect with yourself and create a bridge to deeper realms.
    Followed by
    healthy breakfast bowls (Sattvik Nashta)   

  • The camp will start from 20th May 2024 and will end with an outing on the 26th May 2024. 

  • Specific days enrollments are also available. 

  • The timings (2 hours) for the Mental Fitness Boot Camp are -  5 P.M. - 7 P.M. 
    The timings for the last day, i.e. Sunday, would be from 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M

  • The fees for the 7 day program would be INR 1800/-. There is an early bird discount (only available till 13th May) with a 10% discount (INR 1620/-). The UpLife community members (Sangh) can avail this discount till the last date of registration.

  • UpLife Office - 514A, Singapore Business Park, Near LIG Square, Indore, Madhya Pradesh India

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