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Individual services

Therapy and counselling | Career Counselling and guidance Coaching

We at UpLife support all individuals and groups by providing both online and offline holistic growth oriented sessions not only for those who have emotional/mental health problems but also for those who are searching for ways to live life skillfully.

  • Therapy and counselling - We provide various individual therapy and counselling sessions which can help an individual dig deeper; letting them unleash their inner power as well as peace for holistic growth. 

      Expertise Areas -

      Anxiety, Stress and Depression

      Anger Management

      Traumas and Fears

      Emotional Distress

      Confidence Building

      Emotional Intelligence

      Spiritual Intelligence

      Personality Development

      Exam Anxiety

      Relationship Management

      Childhood problems (Behavioural and Emotional issues, Disorders etc)

      Psycho- Somatic Problems

      Pre – Natal Counselling


  • Career Counselling and guidance - We provide career counselling with systematic psychometric assessment and reporting.

  • Life Coaching - We provide coaching using scientific techniques towards human behaviour by focussing on the idea of untapping inner potential for holistic growth. 

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Educational Institutions | Corporates | Sports academy

We at UpLife aim at incorporating mental wellness in the lives of cooperates for increased performance and growth satisfaction by conducting various online and offline sessions. 

  • Educational Institutions - Schools, Colleges and Coaching Centres: We run various Students Development Programme (SDP) for all educational institutions which include a series of workshops aimed at holistic development of students. SDP also includes training for teachers and parents as per the need of the institution.

  • Corporates - UpLife’s Corporate Wellness Programme consists of the individual as well as a group session for mental wellness, performance enhancement, team building, etc. as per the need of the organisation. All the courses are tailor-made after a brief analysis of the organisational needs.

  • Sports academy - We provide performance coaching for students from various sports so that they can achieve unshakable mental states during the competition, inclusive of parents and coaches.

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Group Programmes

Public workshops | Highlight - Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Parenting Retreat | Psychology Certifications & Courses

Group Programmes 

 We provide various group programmes both online and offline specifically for growth oriented people who are really searching for ways to live life skillfully. 

Public workshops  

We at UpLife provide various growth oriented workshops and webinars. Some of them include Emotional Intelligence webinars, Taming the Subconscious, Summer classes, Science of Happiness, Parenting, Spiritual Intelligence, Mastering Sales and Communication for Commerce Students and Professionals, etc. 


Psychology Certifications and Courses

We provide one on one classes for psychology students; conduct various psychology courses like Counselling Skills, CBT, EFT, Art Therapy, NLP, Systematic Desensitization, etc. We also provide guidance for Psychology students in selection of colleges and subfields. Some of our students are studying in University of Delhi, Fergusson (Pune), and University of Mumbai for both graduation and masters. 


We at UpLife conduct various weekend retreats with various agendas like Energy Enhancement, Touching Altered States, Art, Meditation, Satvik food, etc; with an aim of allowing our inner selves to take a break from our very fast moving lives and rejuvenate by giving you a real energy recharge with feasibility.

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