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Psychology Summer Internship

One of a kind internship with bridge between the usual theoretical knowledge. Our aim is to provide hands-on training and practical exposure to empower our clients to lead fulfilling lives. We strive to offer internships that not only provide valuable knowledge but are also economically feasible.

Flow of the program

Topics Covered

  • Introduction & Orientation CBT with a special focus on Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Procrastination, and, Overthinking

  • Replacing unhelpful thoughts - positive psychology.

  • Mindfulness Interventions and Journalling

  • Special Certification Suicide, Self Harm and Psychology First Aid

  • Somatic/Bodywork concerning trauma

  • Vagus desensitization Body and Mind Intelligence

  • Special certification based on a trauma-informed person

  • Energy Healing and alternative healing concerning Emotional Imbalance

  • Rest - Reset Nervous System working

  • Management Self-Esteem / Self-concept Improving techniques with a special focus on case-based learning.

  • Case History/ MSE The flow of therapy, Managing the therapeutic relationship with full practice-based learning

  • Article Writing & Movie-Based Reviews in Case-Based View

Clinical Supervision & Observation

  • All the students will be learning about the topics mentioned above in detail.

  • Masters and Bachelors students will be trained to give the first session to the client.

  • Masters Students will be taking 3 sessions with one client and will be focusing on one goal.

  • Bachelors students will be observing the therapeutic session.

  • Masters and Bachelors students will be sitting with our psychologists for in-depth feedback and review of all the case discussions and what to do in the next sessions.

  • Ending the therapeutic sessions of the clients.

Important Details 
  • The internship will start from 1st June 2024 and will end with an outing on the 16th June 2024.

  • It is open for 11th, 12th, Bachelors, Masters & Post-graduates

  • You can extend the internship before or after the internship according to your college requirements.

  • The internship is available OFFLINE in Indore. Moreover, the internship can be ONLINE for people who are living outside of Indore. 

  • The sessions of client would be online making sure that there is no hamper of knowledge. 

  • The timings (2 hours) for the Summer Psychology Internship are -  5 P.M. - 7 P.M. 

  • The fees for the program is 3800 per person (Bachelors, Masters & Post-graduates). We are offering discounts with buddy and group.

  • The fees for the program is 3200 per person (11th & 12th). We are offering discounts with buddy and group.

Office Details
  • UpLife Office - 514A, Singapore Business Park, Near LIG Square, Indore, Madhya Pradesh India

Contact Us

Thanks for enrolling. We will get back to you soon!

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