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Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness for all

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Individual services

  • Therapy and counselling - Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Emotional Distress, Trauma & Anger Management.

  • Growth and Facilitation - Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Personality Development, Parenting, Career Counselling & Coaching.

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  • Educational Institutions - Schools, Colleges and Coaching Centre.

  • Corporate Wellness Programme - Tailor made Group as well as one on one sessions.

  • Sports Academy - Performance Acceleration & Mental Training.

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Group Programmes

  • Public Workshops - Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence, Parenting, Summer Programmes for Children & Human Enhancement Programmes.

  • Retreats 

  • Psychology Certifications and Courses - Guidance & specialised course

Home: Services
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Capsule Programme

Goal - UpLife's dealt with a plethora of cases in the last two years. Considering all of them, one thing that we realised is that the hidden or visible need of each and every human being is the inculcation of mental wellness in their day to day lives and hence this programme is for making skilful living a part of daily routine and allowing people to reach the Up-Life state.

Background - Our research and personal experiments with clients led us to formulation of the programme concerned. Earlier, we also led a pilot programme named UpLife Facilitation which was absolutely free of cost. The aim was to understand the mechanics that work better for people who are willing to work on themselves and become better psychologically. These were the same people standing amongst all of you in the crowds, absolutely normal without any specific mental concern; people with a regular mind trying to be mindful.

Course - After this long journey of segregation, we've designed the UpLife Capsule Programme including 4 chapters for 4 weeks with 2 group sessions each week (conducted on weekends). Every week is going to be fully dedicated to one chapter with relating activities.

The entire programme is highly practice-based and the theory part is going to be present for the purpose of application.

Note - The programme is not a mainstream cure-oriented set up and we would refrain from taking the clinical population on the board. The sole purpose of our programme is to entertain and help those who wish to better and grow their present mental state.


First Batch starts in February. LIMITED SEATS!

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UpLife Capsule Programme

Our Team

Deeksha Upadhyay

Head Psychologist and CEO 

Mrs. Deeksha Upadhyay is a Psychologist, Performance Coach and Life Coach; trained in Parenting Skill Development and Transformation Facilitation. She is a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Therapy and Behavioural Oriented Psychotherapy. She has pursued her Bachelors in Psychology from Amity University (Noida) and her Masters in Psychology from DAV College (Panjab University, Chandigarh); through this voyage of streaming Psychology, her purpose was to understand life from a ground level and its ways to live skillfully into lives of people has been an outcome of her professional journey. Miss Deeksha aims at paving a way for a 'better self' customized on the grounds of individual demand and expectations along with the belief of unleashing the inner power as well as peace for holistic growth and success. She is a keen believer that Psychology is a panacea not only to the people who are in trouble but also to those who look for mere betterment of themselves. To ensure all these, the techniques used at UpLife are a perfect blend of psychological principles, sub-fields of Counselling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Child Psychology, Positive Psychology, Trans-personal Psychology and Spiritual Sciences. 

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"I had only one session, it was quite good. Sometimes people have such things they cannot or don't want to talk to their knowns or family, these session would be really helpful for those people I think."

—  Aanchal Bhandari

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